7 Days a Skeptic

Name: 7 Days a Skeptic
Genre: Adventure
Designer: Ben Croshaw
Developer: Freeware
Publisher: Freeware
Copyright: Ben Croshaw
Year: 2004

Rating: 19.6

7 Days a Skeptic
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Review - Zack
I played the game begining to end, It was ****ing scarey indeed. The game takes you back to the wonderful oldies, with puzzels, most are easy to moderate but one of them for me atlest was HARD...This game has good music, and very good sound effects. You can hear you own chartar's footsteps, and it changes as the room does in certain cases to make it more realistic. the game also has some timed puzzels which adds that extra somthing. it is not good for little kids to play this game, it mature and ment for round about (in my opinion) 16-older. Try the Game. you won't be dissapointed.

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