Abrams Battle Tank

Name: Abrams Battle Tank
Genre: Simulation
Designer: Damon Slye
Developer: Dynamix
Publisher: Dynamix
Copyright: Dynamix
Year: 1988

Rating: 0.0

Abrams Battle Tank
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Abrams Battle Tank is a computer game developed by Dynamix and published by Electronic Arts in 1988 for the DOS platform. Designed by Damon Slye, the game is a 3D simulation of the M1 Abrams tank, one of the first on the market.

Although the simulation depicts the four crew positions, gameplay is not actually very realistic; the missions are arcade game-like with a fixed sequence of actions to perform, the tank has the (implausible) ability to shoot down helicopters, and so forth. The graphics were very good for their time, but reviews are mixed, with many players enjoying the "fun factor" introduced by the lack of realism, and others decrying it for the same reason.

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