Aerobiz Supersonic

Name: Aerobiz Supersonic
Genre: Simulation
Developer: KOEI
Publisher: KOEI
Copyright: KOEI
Year: 1994

Rating: 0.0

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Aerobiz Supersonic is a business simulation game released by Koei in August 1994, available on the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. It is a semi-sequel to Koei's previous airline simulation game, Aerobiz.

In the game, which is essentially the same as its predecessor, the player is the CEO of a start-up international airline. The player competes with three other such companies (either AI controlled or other players) for dominance in the worldwide travel industry. Such dominance is obtained by purchasing slots in various airports around the world, and flying routes to and from those slots. Once a route is created, the player had control of what type of planes fly the route, the price of airfare, and numerous other variables.

Though not a great commercial success in its initial release, the game gained a cult following, in part due to its appearance on the Sega Channel. In recent times, it has become a staple amongst users of video game emulators.

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