Alien Legacy

Name: Alien Legacy
Genre: Strategy
Designer: Joe Ybarra
Developer: Dynamix
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Copyright: Dynamix
Year: 1993

Rating: 12.3

Screenshot Cover
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Review - Wikipedia
Alien Legacy is a space-based, real-time strategy(RTS) computer game, developed by Sierra Online Inc. and released for the PC on March 24, 1995. The game places you in command of the UNS Calypso, a seedship sent from Earth to colonize the Beta Caeli star system. Earth is at war a hostile, technologically superior alien race. Your ship is the second to arrive at Beta Caeli--after a preceding colony failed for reasons unknown. You must establish planet-based and space-based colonies, effectively managing resources and dealing with threats, investigating the cause of the first ship's failure while trying to avoid the same fate and ensure the survival of the human race.

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