Betrayal at Krondor

Name: Betrayal at Krondor
Genre: Roleplaying
Designer: John Cutter
Developer: Dynamix
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Copyright: Dynamix
Year: 1993

Rating: 20.0

Screenshot Cover
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Review - X Afro
Ok so today this game is beyond dated for graphics and such but the game play and story are simply awesome. When I first played this game I kept feeling like it was just too stupid and not worth my time. I kept just lightly touching into it and thinking to myself, this is just too stupid fealing. When I ran out of other games I wanted to play I decided to go ahead and push myself into this game and guess what, I realized it was one hell of a great game and I ended up waisting a good 4 months of my life on it trying to finish the great twisting plot. This game has definately redefined RPG games and its addictive once you start learning the background of the characters and the lands. The dialog is actually very well done so it really makes up for the blocky nintendo looking graphics at times.

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